A Green House on a lake in Canada
Water so pure we drank it
No electricity, no road no phone
Reading at night by the glow of oil lamps
My mother’s beautiful hands
My father’s gentle strength
Woods, rocks and water were our neighbors

Mother’s love
Father’s love
Sisters’ love
Family love

Important, quiet
special, sharing, innocent, lucky, protected, safe
warm, happy and at times pensive

To self
To love
To Mother Earth

Till I was 55

My sister Randy died
I haven’t been back to Canada since

The glass broke, it shattered
I folded into myself in Pain
I put my Camera down

Passing had a new meaning

Time passed
Healing happened


A tribute, a celebration
In honor of

To remember
To be

Warmth, sunlight

About Jamie Gordon

In my backyard…

My Process

Women are the focus of my portfolios. Not for their obvious beauty but for something more.

When I work with someone it is important to me that they feel safe and protected, and that I value and honor them.
I watch to see how a part of their true self emerges. My artwork begins with love, perfectly combining the “beauty” of a human being and the “virtue” of nature together. Especially a woman’s beauty, gentleness, fragility and grace. It is all surrounded by inspiration, by mother nature.

I use encaustic techniques which have dated back to 800 BC and hand painting with oils to extend parts of the black and white image. I am presenting a new type of visual feeling. Also creating new photographic techniques that make a marriage of painting and photography. My encaustic process involves organic beeswax brushed onto a ink jet print using the finest papers. Once I have created a texture then I add color according to my imagination as well as reference to reality. I delicately balance painting and photography to harmonize a relationship in mixed media.